Thursday, January 25, 2007


The Slight Difference...

In my last ArtPact, I was enthusiastically superlativing my watercolor portrait teacher, agonizing over not being able to share her work with y'all.

Well - just to show that she is even cooler than I thought, she gave me her permission to show her work on my blog.

Thank You, WackieM!!

Remember my little portraits on that full sheet of watercolor paper?

Well, this is what it looks like when WackieM does it.

And she refers to them as "just exercises for loosening up", Eh?

Click to fully appreciate.



I admire you both (you and the instructor) for doing such beautiful work in watercolor. Never fully got the knack for that. It's very difficult.

Thanks, Blueberry.

Well, I hear many people saying watercolor is difficult.
I pretty much happened to start with this medium when I got into art, and I did not know it's the least forgiving medium and that I am supposed to be scared of it...
Only when I started to really study it with serious teachers, I realized it's not trivial, and in order to live with it in peace, you need to gain knowledge of the techniques and pigments on one hand, and learn to let go on the other.
But by then, I was so deeply in love with watercolor, that I just kept doing it. I don't see myself switching to oil or acrylics or any other medium.
To me, none of them has the magic that watercolor does when you let the paint and water do their own thing.

I found your site through Daniel Bruckner's blog. I just had to comment here that your calendar (previous post, I know) is fantastic. I've recently been inspired by Bruegel who did a series on the months of the year,and I have been thinking that I would like to do that, too. But I've been sort of stuck on how to do that exactly, being that I'm, well, not Bruegel. Seeing what you did is really inspiring me, so thank you. I'm not nearly as good as you, but I truly am inspired to give it a shot. Thanks for the push.

Nice work here.

I also found you through Daniel Bruckner's blog. He's a very powerful person.
Oh, he is very mighty, for sure. Puts us all in awe with sheep and trains and sea lions.
Roo, haven't thought of the months as representing the time of year in this calendar.
I guess I did get somewhat affected by the seasons as well.
Now I'll need to be consistent with the remaining 6 months that I still owe The JohnnyB...
Thanks - and would love to see what you come up with. Like, I am not quite Brueghel miself, y'know.

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